About Us

Idea Eagle is a boutique creative marketing and promotional products consultancy offering a wide range of products and services, creating ideas and programs for every need and budget. We have worked with individuals, entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, global corporations, non-profits, trade associations, and government agencies with experience working on local, regional, and national projects.

What’s your vision?

Whatever your creative marketing need as an individual with an idea, a business owner, an executive, a manager, or an employee, we would welcome the opportunity to explore how Idea Eagle may be able to advance your vision.

What makes us unique?

The same thing that makes each individual or organization unique applies to us too. It’s a combination of experience, skills, talent, personality, culture, and passion. That collection of real world experience creates a unique DNA. If who we are appeals to you, then let’s explore what might be possible working together.

Our Client Criteria

Our primary criteria is that we are each equally enthusiastic and committed to achieving your vision. Further, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, simply let us know and we will jointly resolve any issue(s) or mutually agree to terminate the project.

In other words, there is no long term contractual commitment. This approach gives us the incentive to produce results in order to retain the relationship. We are that confident about our approach to working with clients and what we do.

What We Do

Our preference is to create a trusting, intimate and personal relationship so that you are comfortable enough with us to honestly share your true vision, motivations, concerns, and hopes as well as your anxiety and fears. In turn, we will share with you our experience, successes, and failures.

We want to be your confidant regarding the world of creative marketing.

Investigative Approach

With some background in investigative journalism, we have developed a leaning to ask lots of questions. Many people have told us that in their experience, nobody has ever asked of them the questions that we have.

Once we start in on a subject, we seem to become a magnet attracting everything to do with that topic. We dig deep and from that effort frequently creative opportunities present themselves.

Powered by HALO Branded Solutions

We are privileged to be affiliated with Halo Branded Solutions. Founded in 1962, they are the largest exclusive provider of branding expertise in promotional products in the United States with approximately $195,500,000 in sales annually.

This allows us to offer you the benefit of national pricing and support while providing local service. This includes both generic and all major brand names. With our domestic and global partners we can also source and custom manufacture anything you might want.

www.halo.com is the official Halo Branded Solutions website. It features some 5000 of the most popular promotional products available from a select list of preferred suppliers. Here you may order online or by phone.

More Promotional Product Resources

For a wider selection of some 18,000 products that you can order from Idea Eagle directly, please visit www.ideaeagle.halocatalog.com and then call us at (360) 393-3535 or email us at info@ideaeagle.com.

However, while both of the above websites are extensive in their offerings, these selected items are only a fraction of almost 1,000,000 items from some 4,000 suppliers that we represent.

If you can’t find the color, price, production time, quantity, etc. to meet your needs, contact us. Also, we offer a full range of almost every nationally branded consumer product you might want for incentive use as gifts, prizes, or safety and service awards.

1 Monetary matters

Our goal is to guide you in achieving your vision within your budget. Our strength is to jointly develop a strategy that will achieve your goal. We don’t do everything ourselves. Many marketing functions are best outsourced.

 If you have a limited budget, we can assist you in maximizing those dollars. From our experience, even multimillion dollar global corporations have their budgetary limits. It simply takes creativity to address financial challenges.

2 We've Got That

From the usual promotional product suspects, such as pens, coffee mugs, calendars, t-shirts, golf balls, etc. to lesser known niche items you may not have even known existed, we can make suggestions for your consideration. On the other hand, if you have a general idea of what you want but can’t pin it down, tell us and we will help you.

Need a Service? We have many partners and resources that provide specialized creative and marketing services from traditional to digital. Again, just ask us.

3 It's Easy

With so many suppliers or manufacturers and the vast array of products being offered, it’s a jungle out there with many hidden traps. There are multiple combinations of variables as to why we would select one item and source over another.

Whether you already know what you want or would like our recommendations, let’s talk.

Talk with us

Just telephone or email us for a brief initial discussion to determine if we might be of help. The next step would be to meet in person, or other communications, to further elaborate on working together. Each situation is unique; therefore, we are totally open and flexible as to our working arrangements and compensation. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit. Now we’d like to get to know you and hear about your vision. The ball is in your court.