PPAI Research Summaries

The Influence Of Promotional Products On Consumer Behavior
Examines recall and usage of promotional products among consumers

The Printed Calendar Is Still King
PPAI studies reveal the strength and effectiveness of time-tested promotional product

Effectiveness Of Promotional Products As An Ad Medium
Consumers' recall of advertisers and messaging on promotional products.

Business Gift Practices
What buyers say about the 5W's of this long-standing tradition.

Why End Buyers Choose Promotional Products And Other Media
Memorable. Flexible. Effective. End buyers know there’s power in promotional products, which is why they continue to invest their advertising dollars in the only medium that reaches consumers on every level, in every way.

Promotional Products—Impact Exposure And Influence
Measures reach, recall and impression of the advertiser.

Promotional Products And Its Impact On Brand Image
Astute business people seek methods to enhance brand image.

Build Customer Goodwill With Promotional Products
Promotional products foster customer goodwill (positive attitudes and feelings).

Dimensional Mailings Improved Direct Mail Response Rates
Packaging of promotional products can evoke curiosity as well as increase direct mail response rates.

Generate Customer Referrals With Promotional Products
Generate customer referrals using promotional products.

Improve Tradeshow Traffic With Promotional Products
Recipients recall usefulness and company image.

Improve Direct Mail Response Rates With Promotional Products
Promotional products, when used in conjunction with a sales letter or as an incentive to respond, can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates.

Improve Response Rates To An Advertising Campaign With Promotional Product Mailings
Promotional products mailings can dramatically improve response rates for campaigns involving other media,
such as print advertising.

Increase Tradeshow Booth Traffic With Promotional Products
Are pre-show mailings with promotional products more effective than mailings without?

Promotional Products Work As Employee Awards And Incentives
Awards and incentive programs can improve performance and motivate employees to increase sales, reduce accidents, boost productivity and provide better customer service.

Promotional Product Incentives Produce Valuable Referrals
Marketers need not rely on their salespeople to elicit new leads for business.

Repeat Business With Promotional Products
Customers come back more frequently when you use direct mail programs using promotional products.

Effectiveness Of Promotional Products As Giveaways At Tradeshows: An Attendee’s Perspective
Just how effective are promotional products as giveaways at tradeshows? A 2003 study by Georgia Southern University explores how promotional products impact recipient’s perceptions of the company, usefulness of the product and much more.